How is Capita Healthcare Decisions helping drive efficiencies for healthcare providers through technology?Capita Healthcare Decisions triage, decision support and analytics technology is already widely used across the NHS in England, Scotland, Wales and worldwide. The driver for us is helping healthcare providers realise efficiency gains that can have a significant impact on sustaining a health economy that delivers the right treatment, at the right time. Empowering citizens to take control of their own health, keeping pressure off clinical resources is one aspect – as is challenging and driving change in processes which we know has an impact on costs.How do you see technology shaping the future of healthcare?

With the challenges facing the NHS, it is exciting to see that there is significant investment into digital initiatives. We are creating the vision for the future of health, and the work we have been doing with Microsoft , most recently on a chat bot to deliver accredited health advice 24/7, is just part of this – giving even more patient choice – while at the same time directing people to the exact treatment they need. Another example is the application of technology to radically improve administration processes and deliver efficiencies and cost reductions, such as our recently launched CHKS continuing healthcare finance solution which automates invoicing processes.

What challenges are faced in achieving this vision?

The main challenges arise from having disparate systems, some legacy technology and possibly a reluctance to change in some areas. Getting to what we would call ‘a single point of truth’ for a patient is a step in the right direction. Empowering patients as much as possible in a safe and controlled way will help to create a sustainable model for healthcare. Capita Healthcare Decisions are members of the TSA.

What are you looking to achieve in the coming months working with them?

As a member of TSA – Europe’s leading TEC industry body – we have the opportunity to be involved at grassroots level in developing those new models of care that are going to be critical in healthcare worldwide. We specialise in doing things differently; being smarter; that is how we will realise the savings that the NHS needs to make. If we can deliver more convenient and efficient healthcare services – and save money for the NHS – then that’s a win-win for everyone involved.