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    Sanbot, a Chinese Robotics company, is using Robotics in many areas of the economy; they do not advertise with us, by the way.  See the various sectors, below:

    Customs GongBei

    Customs Gongbei is located in Zhuhai, connected with Macow. It’s the biggest land coast with 1.2 billion entry and exit passengers annually. Sanbot is officially used in Gongbei Customs since 1st October, 2016.

    Sanbot helps in following situations :

    Facial recognition for risky passengers

    Answer passengers’questions with Custom

    knowledge base and multiple languages

    Passengers can dial video call to Call Center

    through Sanbot for complex questions

    Entertaining passengers with movies and music


    Nongxintong Group

    Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Yang was interacting with Sanbot platform agriculture-customized robot at the National “Internet+” Modern Agriculture Conference.

    Sanbot helps in following situations :

    Auto control watering, fertilization and chemical-spraying

    Knowledge base for 11,000 agricultural data

    Offering the disease diagnosis and treatment service

    Self-learning, remote farming available


    3W  Coffee

    Since October, 2016, 3W Coffee, China’s first “Internet plus Finance” coffee shop, formally introduced Sanbot platform humanoid robot guider.

    3W Coffee once again captures people’s eyes by introducing platform customized intelligent service, creating the new waves of technology innovations once more. The excellent service and interesting experience from Sanbot humanoid robot received customers’ consistent praises. By now, there are numerous hotel partners processing business cooperation communication with Qihan-Sanbot hotly.

    In the future, people will enjoy the intelligent services of Sanbot humanoid robot in more and more daily business scenarios.

    Sanbot helps in following situations :

    Intelligent coffee-ordering service

    Voice consulting service

    Customers reception service such as singing, dancing, chatting, greeting, etc

    Store guiding service Explain guidances vividly by image-text and voice


    Launch Event of Audi A4L car

    On Nov 12th, 2016, the famous automobile brand Audi held the launch event of its A4L new model car together with Sanbot humanoid robots. At the beginning of the event, a row of Sanbot humanoid robots brought their specially-programmed opening dancing performance. after the dance, Sanbot humanoid robot and the Audi product manager hosted the launch event together. The man-machine interactive parts sufficiently showed Sanbot robot’s functions, including intelligent voice, big data, man-machine interaction and many other special properties. There more, by the way of customizing the system’s background, the live customers can realize the product functions of the Audi cars with Sanbot’s help. The novel interpreting model provided customers with unique feeling & experience.

    Sanbot helps in following situations :

    Group dance to warm up the field: deepen the guests’ impression, attracts audiences ‘halt and strength the favorable impression

    Hosting programs: Answer series of inquiring questions about the new Audi car

    Product interpretation: Introduce the product property of Audi’s series of cars for the live customers


    Saier Catering

    Except for location, environment, menu, service and marketing promotion, there is one more surprising secret to attract customers in catering industry, Sanbot service robot. Sanbot robot can attract the people nearby no matter by dancing or active funny hawking around the door, and then accost them into seat, suggest menu and other services without interruption. It arouses people’s interest and appetite and improves the catering experience. Moreover, it prompts customers to share and spread spontaneously, and the fissional social network spread can advertise the restaurant fast, contributing the sales vale and public praise promotion obviously.


    Zhongzhou πmall Experience Store

    The schedule for “Internet +”, exactly cater for the rapid developing trend of retail industry, further pushes the combination of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and intelligent robot in retail industry, guides the business development of retail trade by Internet, and boosts innovation & entrepreneurship with full power, comprehensively stimulating the vitality of market and society. Therefore, numerous retail trades take the opportunity to adopt the mode of “Internet + Intelligence” in advance. Sanbot platform robot, combining with retail stores’ internal platforms (Such as WeChat Enterprise, internal Website and cashier system, etc.), solves the all-around problems including products, services and activities, etc. that the retailing stuff encounter in daily sales.


    The Second Experimental Primary School attached to South University of Science and Technology

    It’s easily to blend the knowledge and etiquette into the kids’ natural thoughts and behaviors only by going into their hearts. Based on the openness, Sanbot platform robot, with its three-in-one eco-platform programmed with masses of preschool education resources, assists teachers interestingly like one buddy, friendly and equally. Sanbot standardizes the education, enriches the contents repetitively but interestingly, and mobilizes the kids’ learning interest and initiative magically, making the learning more interesting and contribute the education quietly. The new coming assistant teacher is as old as kid, but knowledge-abundant, professional and patent, who must be the professor from the Mars.


    Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport

    Aviation service is one of the most highly-demanding services. In the intense market competition and under the background of informatization’s fast development, it is a key to comply with the developing trend of Internet and Mobile Internet, and the customer habits in the new times. Sanbot platform robot can be flexibly customized with the requirement from airport, such as member points, mileage queries, ticket price queries and flight information, satisfying the interaction in an active way and serving customers with Mobile Internet anytime anywhere.


    CCTV Host

    Benefits (Feedback from CCTV):

    The program becomes more fascinating and creative by hosting show with Sanbot, which enhances audience stickiness to the program.

    Sanbot is spoken highly of by host, film producer and audience.

    Audience’s high interest in Sanbot improves the program’s rating greatly and they want more programs with Sanbot.


    Being the host.


    Hi-tech Exhibitions & Shows

    Benefits (Feedback from customers) :

    The interactions between Sanbot and the host attract masses of onlookers and greatly increase the foot traffic, which instantly boosts exposure and sales.

    Functions :

    Being the host for activities and opening ceremony.

    Offering information for onlookers.



    Bank of China

    Benefits (Feedback from Bank of China) :

    Improving the customer experience,  and strengthening customer stickiness to the bank.

    Simplifying the business processes between bank staff and customer.

    Staff can focus more on complex work as Sanbot robot lobby manager can independently handle primary business processes for customers.

    Improving the efficiency for bank and save the human cost.

    Functions :

    Sanbot robot lobby manager.

    Receiving customers actively, offering service and business help.

    Queueing services, offering business and relevant information.

    Entertainment service to prevent customers from tediousness.

    Visual identification of customer’s ID.

    Assisting to open new account, deposit and withdraw money, transfer money and more on-line businesses.

    Intelligent alarm system.


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